What is cardio dance?

‘Cardio dance’ is more-or-less what it sounds like – a form of cardiovascular exercise that is, in some ways, simply a more choreographed and disciplined form of that energetic dancing you might already do to your favorite tunes in the nightclub. 

And fair enough, strutting your stuff on the dance floor while perhaps slightly worse for wear through alcohol, and a little too enthusiastically belting out the lyrics to the latest pop or R&B hit, might well get you sweating and your heart rate rising. 

Aside from that, though, there’s a lot of difference between a cardio dance and just, well… dancing.

A workout as entertaining as it is thorough

Certainly, one big difference between cardio dance and trying to pull off any manner of embarrassing moves at the nightclub, is that the latter isn’t exactly targeted or formalized.  

By contrast, this dance retains much of the joy of casual dancing, but takes away the unhealthy distractions like booze and late hours, replacing them with a workout that truly helps to develop all areas of muscle you may wish to develop, as part of a full-body workout. 

A cardio dance class will help you to get your heart rate up and keep it high, so that you burn fat – and it can be instrumental in improving your coordination and rhythm, too. 

But as we touched on above, cardio dance isn’t merely potentially as good for toning and firming your legs, glutes and obliques as almost any other exercise. That’s because it can also genuinely be a lot of fun, taking away the boredom that many people who aren’t ‘fitness fanatics’ associate with traditional working out.

Benefits for both your physical and mental health 

In addition to breaking up the monotony associated with stereotypical forms of ‘working out’, cardio dance stimulates the reward centers in your brain and activates your sensory and motor circuits – much like listening and moving to a song you love in the club, or even just at home, does. 

But the focused nature of learning cardio dance as an art form also activates the neurons in your brain and helps to enhance your memory and recall. And then, there’s just the way that enjoying the beat and rhythm of any great song makes you feel better. It’s even backed up by research, which found that teen girls suffering from such ailments as stress and depression showed improved self-rated health, including better mental health and mood, after taking dance classes.

But is cardio dance for me? 

The short answer is… yes, it is! Whether you’re new to serious fitness pursuits and are considering taking a cardio dance class as a more ‘fun’ alternative to a boot camp, or it’s crossed your mind that your existing love of music and dancing could help you to get into shape, there’s sure to be a cardio dance class for you. 

One popular form of cardio dance, for instance, is body percussion, such as that taught in the Soul Clap Fitness classes pioneered by the world-renowned Hall of Fame body percussionist, Khalid Freeman. As the term ‘body percussion’ suggests, this is a form of dance that is all about making sounds with the body, and like other types of cardio dance, it is extremely accessible for those of all backgrounds and levels of dancing experience and capability. So, why not check today whether there is a Soul Clap Fitness dance class happening near you?

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