How to burn calories during lockdown

If you are usually a big fitness buff, it’s easy to assume that lockdown must have thrown your exercise efforts into disarray and, for the time being, beyond recovery. However, you could be very wrong on that point, as there are actually many different – and effective – workouts you can still easily do at home. 

Here are some examples of workouts that can particularly spur your calorie-burning, as well as bolster your immune system and make you feel better during an otherwise disconcerting time.

Walking or running 

These days, step-counting is a pretty standard feature in smartwatches and fitness bands. Therefore, if you have one, you can keep it on your wrist as you walk around the house, with running also a practical option on those occasions when you do leave your abode. 

While it is often recommended that you aim for at least 10,000 steps a day, you shouldn’t be afraid to lower this target if you think that regularly reaching it may be beyond your capabilities for now.

Following exercises on fitness DVDs

Fitness DVDs aren’t a mere fad; investing in one can help you to prepare for a regular exercise routine in the comfort of your own home. It helps that there’s a staggeringly broad choice of fitness DVDs available, enabling you to effectively choose your own personal trainer – at little financial cost to you.

Many household-name celebrities and performers from around the world have brought out their own fitness DVDs, while workouts often demonstrated on-screen include yoga, Pilates and barre.


One especially great thing about dancing is that it often doesn’t feel like exercising – even though dancing the tango, mambo or cha-cha for just 30 minutes actually helps women to burn 87 calories and men 100 calories, says BESTFIT Magazine.

Then, there’s body percussion – where, through such actions as stomping and clapping, you can practically turn your body into a musical instrument. Our online, live-streamed body percussion classes show how it works. 


You might not have realized that something as routine as cleaning around the house can burn a lot of calories, but it actually can. Vacuuming for 30 minutes, for instance, can burn 166 calories for a 200-pound person, according to WebMD

You could gain that benefit on a particularly difficult job of scrubbing dirt and grime away, while you can exercise your upper body by stripping your sheets, making your bed and doing your laundry. Washing and dusting, too, very much count as workouts.


You could certainly feel reinvigorated if you breathe in a lot of fresh air in your garden, assuming you have one. However, if your garden is looking a little worse for wear, you should take the opportunity to tidy it up – especially given that gardening would constitute another workout that doesn’t feel like one. 

Squatting as you weed, for example, is good for your backside, while hoeing can test your abs and so help you to develop your six-pack. Even just cutting the grass with a hand mower for half an hour could burn about 205 calories for a person of 155 pounds

Whatever you do to keep in shape during the current highly unusual times, one thing is for certain – there are many very fun and sustainable ways to do it, as we know well ourselves here at Soul Clap Fitness!

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