How effective are dance workouts?

The idea of dance as a workout seems pretty logical – after all, we’ve probably all had nights at the club where we’ve worked up a serious sweat. You might have even wondered on such occasions how many calories you’re torching by stomping and strutting your stuff on the dance floor. 

Well, in today’s world in which all manner of new and alternative fitness movements are constantly emerging, you might not be shocked to learn that dance workout classes are now also officially “a thing”! 

As the term suggests, dance workout combines traditional gym workout components like lunges and ab work, with elements of body percussion and dance choreography. The idea is to give you a complete body workout that’s genuinely enjoyable – but does it actually deliver results compared to the usual gym routine?

Dance can bring serious benefits to both mind and body 

It turns out that dance works well as a fitness routine for a variety of reasons. According to Jodi Helmer at WebMD, for instance, dancing is “good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it can help with balance and coordination.” She added that the approximately 130 to 250 calories burned in a 30-minute dance class was broadly equivalent to jogging. 

But that’s not the only reason you might choose to dance rather than run for your regular workout. While dancing represents a full-body workout targeting every muscle group, running primarily benefits lower body muscles such as your hamstrings, glutes, calves, quads and hip flexors. 

And of course, a dance workout can bring serious psychological benefits, too. Just consider this 2007 study, which found that hip-hop dancing helped to improve energy and mood, while lowering stress. Indeed, the research – which involved Korean high school and undergraduate students each randomly assigned to one of four activities – discovered that those in the hip-hop dancing group rated positive well-being higher than those assigned to body conditioning and ice skating.

It’s also a seriously convenient way to get fit 

The factors mentioned above aren’t the only ones that determine how effective a given type of workout is. After all, any exercise routine is only as effective as your enjoyment of it and ability to stick with it over time. 

Well, the great news is that dance workouts score highly in this regard, too. As you’ll know if you’ve ever danced your heart out at home to your favorite Spotify playlist or music video on TV, you can dance almost anywhere, and don’t need a huge amount of space to do it. 

You can also do a dance workout indoors, which will help to ensure your dedication to your workout routine isn’t affected by bad weather. You don’t even need any special equipment to partake in a dance exercise class. In short, you really will have no excuses for not sticking with it!  

So, where to start with your own dance workout journey? We’d humbly suggest that you investigate our own celebration in rhythm that is Soul Clap Fitness. Our in-person and on-demand online classes – led by certified instructors – will demonstrate the effectiveness of dance workouts for getting fit and having a great time. You won’t look at exercise in the same way ever again!

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