Soul Clap Fitness Training

Dance fitness, with added soul and rhythm 

You might have long been drawn to the idea of a cardio dance class as a fun and less structured way to get – and keep – fit. But Soul Clap Fitness isn’t just any old form of dance fitness. 

What we’re all about, is putting more rhythm and soul into your workout. Our unique program shows just how dynamic a hip hop cardio dance workout can be, through the wonders of stepping and body percussion.

A different approach to the gym workout 

Embark on a hip hop cardio dance workout with Soul Clap Fitness, and you will – of course – get to immerse yourself in all of the rhythms, intensity and sensibility of classic hip hop. But you’ll also be getting into shape in a much more enjoyable way than many more conventional fitness classes can offer.

Attend a cardio dance class with one of our certified instructors, and you’ll be stomping, patting, clapping and clicking your way to optimal fitness. But you’ll also be effectively making your own music, all while building your self-confidence and bonding with others. 

We don’t think that working out should feel like a chore. That’s why our classes are all about experiencing the sheer thrill of remixed ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s soul, funk and hip hop hits, developing your fitness and capabilities with a focus on creativity and teamwork, rather than competition.

Get fresh, get fierce… and get funky 

Soul Clap Fitness is a celebration in rhythm created by Hall of Fame body percussionist, Khalid Freeman. With his stellar background in percussive dance including the hit film Stomp the Yard, the Broadway show Stomp, and the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil, Khalid conceived Soul Clap Fitness to be something very different to the average cardio dance class. 

Khalid believes in taking the work out of working out, and bringing the great hip hop, funk and soul music of yesteryear to a new generation. He also believes that almost everyone can benefit from this highly inclusive – but still challenging – form of dance. 

Participants of all ages, backgrounds and cultures routinely come together in Soul Clap Fitness classes to work together and create music as one. And you could be the next to discover its magic!

Seek out a local certified instructor today 

Are you ready to take on a fitness class with a very different flavor? In that case, it could be time for you to challenge yourself to a hip hop cardio dance workout with one of our instructors. 

Search our online database today for details of your nearest certified Soul Clap Fitness instructor, and to learn more about their classes. And if there isn’t anyone near you, why not join us for an online workout, or even complete and pass a certification class to become an instructor yourself?