Soul Clap Fitness Training

The alternative, more rhythmic way to work out

Have you been striving to work out the traditional way, but without attaining results? Perhaps you wish there was some way of injecting a bit more fun into your workout, without as much ‘work’? Or maybe conventional fitness classes have never felt very accessible or approachable to you? 

Whatever – with a Soul Clap Fitness dance class in Las Vegas, you can learn how to boost your fitness the more soulful and rhythmic way. It’s all about combining the wonders of dance cardio and body percussion in a fitness class that anyone can embark upon and enjoy. 

Achieve your goals with a funky and soulful dance class 

Soul Clap Fitness is the creation of Khalid Freeman, who saw the opportunity to devise a fresh, raw and soulful alternative to the traditional dance fitness class. 

Soul and hip hop music is – of course – central to the appeal of Soul Clap Fitness, which draws upon remixes of ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s hits to demonstrate the enduring genre’s relevance to a new generation. However, Khalid’s classes are also a showcase for the stepping style that he loves so much, in part because it presents infinite scope for creativity through movement and sound. 

Sign up to a soul and hip hop dance class in Las Vegas with Soul Clap Fitness, and you won’t just be partaking in thrilling dance cardio. That’s because you’ll also effectively become the music, to the point of creating your own. All the while, you will experience at first hand the power and value of teamwork, at the same time as optimizing your individual health and fitness. 

Soul Clap Fitness really is for everyone 

No form of fitness class is as inclusive and accessible as a dance cardio class. It doesn’t matter what your age, background or culture is – we all understand the language of dance. 

However, a dance class in Las Vegas with us isn’t just about the pure enjoyment of dancing. It’s about working together with others to express yourself, feel the rhythm and add flavor to your fitness. It’s a type of group fitness that is easy to get to grips with, but difficult to master.  

Find a Las Vegas instructor today 

Soul Clap Fitness is going from strength to strength in Las Vegas and beyond, as more and more enthusiasts of body percussion, dance cardio, and the classic music of legends like James Brown, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, discover the magic of stomping and clapping their way to fitness. 

It also couldn’t be easier to search for certified instructors or venue partners running Soul Clap Fitness classes for fans like you. It’s all possible via our online database – and don’t forget that if you can’t attend a class in person for any reason, you can always get involved via the web from anywhere!